Scholarship Management System(sms)

A significant number of organizations have started their Scholarship Program as a part of their Educational Initiatives for their CSR activities.

Scholarship programs prove to be meaningful and effective as they empower the next generation of leaders. It promotes education among underprivileged children who are unable to afford formal education. The scholarship program also acts as a merit-based scholarship for those who want to pursue certain courses and build their career.

At Synergie, we leverage our well-established community connect with remote villages PAN India. We have so far impacted 10,000+ beneficiaries spread across 150+ districts while implementing Scholarship Initiatives for our corporate partners.


Fieldzilla is one of the most comprehensive field tracking and collaboration applications. The app has the following features:

  • Geo Fencing and route planning
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Task scheduling
  • Live location and battery status
  • Document/photo upload
  • Offline/online availability of the application
  • Instant messaging
  • Customised Surveys and questionnaires
  • Dashboard views

Learning Management System (LMS)

Synergie’s Learning Management System (LMS) is designed for teachers and students to simplify learning. Synergie’s LMS offers the following key features:

  • Create course content, topics, lessons, activities and quizzes
  • Hybrid Learning model – self pace learning as well as online classes
  • Build and interact with your community
  • Digital report card of every student including attendance and performance
  • Integration with zoom, google meet, whatsapp for easy access
  • Billing and Subscription


We go the extra mile in monitoring and assessing all initiatives we undertake to ensure maximum insight and impact.

Through our digitally innovative dashboard, we provide all the necessary tools to evaluate your sustainability initiative and tailor them to your organizational priorities and needs.

Performance Management Service

Through our digital dashboard’s Performance Management Service we conduct quality assurance checks as per the set parameters so you won’t have to focus on observing every single aspect of your initiative.

Intelligent Recovery System

Intelligent Recovery System on our digital dashboard ensures that no disruptions goes unnoticed. Offering dashboards to highlight the areas that need attention, so that any project can be gotten back on track.

Real-time Dashboards

Whether it is tracking your CSR spending, or the number of beneficiaries impacted, Real-time Dashboards give you the freedom to monitor and evaluate your initiatives in real-time.

Cloud-based services

Security is paramount for us and, therefore, in addition to offering highly secure Cloud-based services, your data can also be stored On Premise for storing sensitive information.

Daily Project Reports

Being a highly automated platform, our digital dashboard delivers Daily Project Reports right to your inbox specifically tailored to your business needs and priorities.

Outcome Progress Tracker.

Monitor your outcome in relation to the key indicators and identify how you can further expand your project to new areas through the dashboard’s Outcome Progress Tracker.